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Canyoning - The crystal clear water of the stream
The crystal clear water of the stream

Canyoning - The group on the rocks
The group on the rocks

Canyoning trips in Liguria and France

In some periods, when in Aosta Valley the coolness and too much water make Canyoning excursions complex, we offer excursions in Liguria (IM) or in the adjacent valley (Val Roya - France). From May to November, the famous and spectacular canyons of these areas are ideal for water flow and air temperature.
The most famous Ligurian canyon as far as Canyoning is concerned, is located on the border with France on the hills of Ventimiglia, in the municipality of Rocchetta Nervina, a characteristic Ligurian village leaning against the stream.
Logistics: access is carried out on foot from below in about 40 minutes you reach the characteristic bridge from where the descent starts, if you want you can jump from the bridge, the path is a succession of green pools where you can make small jumps up to half in a more vertical area. You walk through some large pools, then the canyon narrows to the point of becoming almost a cave (very suggestive environment). A total of 4 hours of Canyoning route, before returning to the car and heading to the restaurants in the town, where you can replenish the energy burned thanks to the excellent dishes of the local tradition, land and sea dishes.

Prices 75.00 Euros per person starting from 6 participants for one day.
2 days Barbaira plus MagliÓ 150.00 Euro.

Main features: turquoise water and very suggestive environment.