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Canyoning - Il gruppo si prepara al salto
Getting ready to jump 

Canyoning - In torrente
In  the torrent 

Canyoning Options available in the Aosta Valley

Canyoning is great fun, it is adrenaline, and it is adventure! The following are the canyoning options that we will recommend to you based on the weather and the water conditions.
Torrente Chalamy (Mont Avic Park)
This Aosta valley canyon is renowned in this region as it is an aquatic canyon and has a good mixture passages.  Rope descents, jumps, slides but most of all outstanding clear natural water pools.  Logistically this canyon has easy access compared to others.

Torrente Fer (Donnas - Aosta Valley)
Long adventurous canyon where you can practice your abseiling technique and you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the canyons giant pools.  Access and logistics are complicated with a need for a transport transfer. 

Torrente Pacoula (Fontainemore - Gressoney Valley)
This Canyon is narrow with one abseil after another.  In the final strait there is a natural water slide that will get your adrenaline going!  Easy access. 

Torrente Bouro (Fontainemore - Gressoney Valley)
This Canyon is interesting to those who enjoy complicated rope descents. There is the possibility for some jumps and a double rope abseil at the end for experts!